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Model: IDXETS5157833
The Xtream H4 Stereo Headset with Microphone are stylishly designed for active lifestyles. The dual 3.5mm connectors allow the headset to work directly with your computer through direct plug and play. The built-in microphone is omnidirectional which picks up sound with reliability and is flexible wh..
$24.16 Ex Tax:$24.16
Model: dpt_PET-BOSHP12
Details : IR wireless headset Foldable Volume control Power on/off Power LEDWarranty : 1 Year Warranty..
$57.38 Ex Tax:$57.38
Model: dpt_PET-KSSCS100
Details : Neodymium/iron/boron magnet structures deliver high sensitivity and reduced distortion for premium sound at all volume levels Noise-canceling microphone Freq resp: 30Hz-20kHz 8ft cord Limited lifetime warrantyWarranty : Lifetime Warranty..
$52.23 Ex Tax:$52.23
Model: dpt_PET-KSSSB45USB
Details : Noise-reduction technology Anisotropic ferrite magnet structures deliver high sensitivity and reduced sound distortion Soft leatherette earpads Collapsible for compact storage Over the ear Limited lifetime warrantyWarranty : 90 Day Warranty..
$85.43 Ex Tax:$85.43
Model: dpt_PET-KSSCS95USB
Details : USB plug Headset with electret, noise-reduction microphone for hands-free communication from PCs Freq resp: 30Hz-16kHz Ideal for PC voice applications, interactive gaming and speech recognition Dynamic element for extended frequency response Foam earpads for open, hear-through sound Over t..
$58.22 Ex Tax:$58.22
Model: IDXETS3044391
Cut loose from your PC with this lightweight, portable headset. The laser-tuned drivers, 10-meter range and 6-hour rechargeable battery make it easy to listen and chat whether you're at your desk or on the couch.Enjoy detailed wireless audio with these H600 headsetSit comfortably anywhere in your ro..
$97.52 Ex Tax:$97.52
Model: IDXETS4188373
Stay in control while you talk, play a game or listen to musicOn your computer, your tablet or your smartphoneUse your headset on almost all operating systems and platforms thanks to the standard 3.5mm jack connectivity. In-line audio controlsAdjust the volume and mute the microphone instantly witho..
$36.99 Ex Tax:$36.99
Model: IDXETS2780735
This headset delivers whether you're on a crucial call or trying to meet a deadline in a distracting workplace. The stereo ultra-wideband digital audio provides clear, acoustically accurate sound. The noise canceling microphone makes sure you get heard even in noisy surroundings. And the specially d..
$78.90 Ex Tax:$78.90
Model: IDXETS4042385
First we made it lighter. At only 21 grams, the CS500 Series features the lightest DECTâ„¢ headset on the market (CS540). That means all-day comfort for all-star performance.Then we made it better. Increased range for maximum mobility, one-touch controls, energy efficient power management, simple pl..
$369.95 Ex Tax:$369.95
Model: IDXETS4042390
This Wireless Headset System connects to your office phone, giving you superior comfort and mobility up to 350 feet. Voice-dedicated 1.9 GHz DECT technology and advanced wideband audio provide uncompromised audio quality, the lowest probability of interference, and up to 9 hours of talk time. Adapti..
$290.88 Ex Tax:$290.88
Model: IDXETS5155492
Free your hands from your smartphone Control your phone or phablet while you juggle life with both hands. Toss those tangled earbuds and go wireless, using voice commands to ask Siri for advice, request reminders from Cortana, or hear directions from Google. Sound your best in a noisy world Provides..
$75.78 Ex Tax:$75.78
Model: IDXETS4959700
The world is your office. But it doesn't have to look that way. Sleek and discreet, Voyager 3200 UC cancels the noise and keeps the conversation going. Anytime, anywhere. ONTHEGOWAREDesigned for your non-stop life. Comfort without compromise Quickly put your Voyager 3200 UC headset on to take a cal..
$221.82 Ex Tax:$221.82
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